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TPI is a Certified Woman Owned Business Entity!

We are proudly a 100% Woman Owned Business Entity. TPI received certification from Oklahoma Department of Commerce as a WOBE on November 30, 2012.

Are your customers happy with your Customer Service?

If your customer contact needs are being served by TPi Billing Solutions, you can bet they are!

Our Call Center serves customers in most US states and in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and is located at our home office in Tulsa, OK.  We guarantee your customers won't be greeted by a difficult-to-understand, heavily-accented voice, named "Steve".

TPi's Call Center can be contracted for ongoing support for your billing issues, with a number of ways to interface with your customers' billing data...or perhaps you just need a one-time period of contact, for accepting registrations for a special event, or educational course.  We are scaleable and flexible to your needs, and capable of fully programmable scripting and routing of calls.

Our representatives receive notes of praise included with payments, over the phone, and some customers even take the time to write a letter!  Here is just a sample of some of the comments we have received from some of your customers, regarding our service:

"I wanted to express extreme grattitude for Heather and her expertise.  She got it done in 2 minutes after I had spent hours on the phone with another company.  I am very thankful."

"Rae called about the account and stated that Yolanda was a delight to work with, and was very helpful in explaining what happened to the account."

 "[Account Holder] said that Virginia was very nice and explained it to her, and Sarah was nice and helpful also."

"I just want to say what a wonderful, caring, competent employee she is, and I hope you will consider her for any advancement. She is a real asset to your company."

Your customers are important to us.  Imagine the level of service your company will receive as our client! 

TPi implements a fully automated daily mail function...

...for an insurance mailer in Northeastern U.S. 

In conjunction with our client's system which will automatically transmit files to us, we have implimented fully automatic processes which will:

  • Pick up the data
  • Process the data for appropriate downstream processes
  • Send the documents to the print server, for first run production in the a.m.
  • Create detailed reports on the data and distrubute automatically to our customer and production staff
  • Generate customer specific PDF files which are indexed for search/view
  • Generate and populate the server, branded for our customer, where recipients can look up and view individual statements, including 6 months of historical statement images.
  • The printed statements are then dropped directly into the USPS mail stream on a daily basis.

This is a wonderful illustration of the capabilities we can provide to our customers, and although certain parts of this process are scheduled to run based on the clients specs, in theory the processes could be set up to run instantaneously and continuously throughout the day. 

TPi continues to adapt technologically...

PDF files are becoming more and more prevalent as the primary format for raw variable data transmission.  In reality, this may be the last thing a PDF file is designed for.

Rather than push back against this reality, TPi adapts.  Our updated software and capacities are now capable of utilizing the PDF as the primary means of raw data retrieval.  In many cases this eliminates the need for us to work directly with your third-party software developers. We don't require a number of different data streams in order to compose your billing statment, and we are not just scrubbing the PDF for purposes of address standardization, leaving you with higher postage rates and a billing form that can not be dynamically modified.

As with all of our variable data billing processes, we are sorting the data for the absolute lowest postage rates, maintaining the integrity of the details, and producing your statement with all the dynamic flexibility that variable data has to offer.

TPi's on-site LockBox remittance services continue to thrive...

Do you know the actual cost to process your payments? Many banking lockbox services hide additional fees from their quoted "price per piece".

TPi offers up-front pricing for our lockbox services and utilizes the most up-to-date equipment and software to process your payments and upload your transactions multiple times daily.

TPi's programming staff is able to custom design electronic payment files for seamless import back into your accounting system, minimizing the time required by your accounting and IT staff to track your customers' payments.

Your payments can be received by TPi at a secure USPS Caller Service Box. They are then securely transported to our fully monitored and limited-access facility where your payments and remittance coupons are scanned and processed.

We are happy to advise for "best practices" and we can custom design programming based on any business rules you may require. Our operators are presented with any non-balanced payments and exceptions based on your business rules.

Your payments can be posted to your account multiple times daily and ALL payment images can be accessed by you online.

TPi utilizes the Check21 banking standards. This is a paperless form of remittance processing. All the checks and coupons are imaged by our systems. The paper is stored for the required time period and then they are destroyed by secure and certified means.


Welcome to TPi

TPi Billing Solutions is a full-service Billing Services Provider, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We serve customers in most US states and in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We understand the logistics and challenges that our customers face in successfully and efficiently completing back-office functions. We can develop fully automated and custom processes to receive your data, produce the statements and post payments to your bank account and also update your proprietary billing software. TPi is also adept at producing your marketing mailings, periodical newsletters, notices and supplemental mailings at a fraction of the cost you may be currently paying. In some cases we can offer a 75% discount on postage alone. Call TPi today to streamline your costs and productivity in ways that you may not have thought possible.

About Us

Our in-depth data processing services integrate with virtually any proprietary accounting software system. We offer secure data transmittal and fully automated data transfers and processing. Our quality assurance staff oversees Process Development and ongoing downstream processes at every phase of operations. We utilize the latest technology in high-speed variable data printing and mailing equipment, which enables us to process millions of pieces of mail every year taking care to account for and verify each one. Our state of the art remittance Lock Box processing offers up front pricing and the ability to process payments and transactions multiple times per day. What sets TPi apart is our full-service, bi-lingual customer care call center. In addition, our technological expertise allows us to offer any form of electronic presentment you may desire. This includes email, fax, online bill viewing and payment, SMS bill-pay and automatic payment plans for your customer base. We’re also available at thousands of near-by locations for walk-in payments.