Alarm Service Companies

An Alarm Service company is one of the best illustrators of the benefits TPi can provide...

Our clients in the Alarm Services industry may have close to 4,000 customers, but their administration department may consist of less than 10. Imagine the time, personnel and equipment they would have to coordinate in order to produce 4,000 bills at the end of each month. By utilizing our services, they simply export a data file once a month and their billing statements are in their customers' hands in less than a week.

By automating their mail, they pay less postage and the return envelope is also automation compatible, meaning their payments will travel through the USPS system in the timeliest manner as well.

By adding our auto-payment plans and utilizing our Lock Box remittance processing, they have taken a process which used to take multiple employees a number of days to accomplish and reduced the effort to a few clicks of a mouse.

They are seeing payments posted to their accounting systems and bank accounts sooner than it used to take to get the bills into the mail...and at a fraction of the cost.


Welcome to TPi

TPi Billing Solutions is a full-service Billing Services Provider, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We serve customers in most US states and in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We understand the logistics and challenges that our customers face in successfully and efficiently completing back-office functions. We can develop fully automated and custom processes to receive your data, produce the statements and post payments to your bank account and also update your proprietary billing software. TPi is also adept at producing your marketing mailings, periodical newsletters, notices and supplemental mailings at a fraction of the cost you may be currently paying. In some cases we can offer a 75% discount on postage alone. Call TPi today to streamline your costs and productivity in ways that you may not have thought possible.

About Us

Our in-depth data processing services integrate with virtually any proprietary accounting software system. We offer secure data transmittal and fully automated data transfers and processing. Our quality assurance staff oversees Process Development and ongoing downstream processes at every phase of operations. We utilize the latest technology in high-speed variable data printing and mailing equipment, which enables us to process millions of pieces of mail every year taking care to account for and verify each one. Our state of the art remittance Lock Box processing offers up front pricing and the ability to process payments and transactions multiple times per day. What sets TPi apart is our full-service, bi-lingual customer care call center. In addition, our technological expertise allows us to offer any form of electronic presentment you may desire. This includes email, fax, online bill viewing and payment, SMS bill-pay and automatic payment plans for your customer base. We’re also available at thousands of near-by locations for walk-in payments.